Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Pillow With A Past

We just got back from A Room With A Past, a flea style home decor and furniture collective. Once a month the "Roomies" load up a warehouse space near us in Walnut Creek with cottage-style flea market finds. We always find great ideas for decorating (they do fabulous displays) and crafts, too.

We love this patchwork pillow covered in antique lace, buttons, and brooches. Why keep your collections tucked away when you can put them on display?!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Monogrammed Pendant for Mom!

Create a personalized pendant for Mother's Day featuring Victorian vintage roses and gold leaf accents!

1 Darice Rectangle Frame Charm, 20x25mm
1 Darice Clear Charm Cover
1/2" Letter sticker on clear background
Scrap of printed text from book
Vintage Victorian Rose clip art
Krylon Gold Leafing Pen
30" Ribbon

Tools & Supplies
Darice Scrapbooking Micro-Scissors
Beacon’s Premium Tacky Glue

1. Cut a square background image from the printed paperback text. Glue into the Frame Charm with a toothpick and Tacky Glue.
2. Trim the Victorian Rose clip art to fit in the bottom third of the Frame Charm. Glue in place.
3. Use the Krylon Gold Leafing Pen to add gold accents to the clip art.
4. Peel off letter sticker and place over background.
5. Peel the back off the Clear Charm Cover and adhere it to the front of the rectangle charm covering the collage inside.
6. Thread the ribbon through the loop at the top of the rectangle charm.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Scentsational Lavender-Rose Sachet

Create a fancy, floral sachet scented with soothing botanicals. A simple and lovely gift for Mother's Day!

Materials & Embellishments
Teal silk shantung, 11” x 11” square.
White iridescent organdy ribbon, 1½” wide, 18” long.
Magenta silk rose, 4” diameter.
Small rubber band.

Scented Herbs & Essences
Dried rose buds & petals, 1 ½ cups.
Rose fragrance oil.
Lavender essential oil.

Tools & Supplies
Wire snips.

1. To create the scented sachet filling, pour the rose buds and petals into a bowl. Add 10 drops of the rose fragrance oil and 10 drops of the lavender essential oil and stir.
2. To make the sachet, lay the silk shantung square out on a table. Spoon the sachet filling onto the center of the square. Gather the corners and edges of the fabric square tightly together to create a ball. Secure the fabric at the top with a small rubber band.
3. To embellish the sachet, snip the stem of the silk rose 2” from the base of the bloom. Stick the remaining rose stem down into the center of the sachet.
4. Finish the sachet by wrapping the organdy ribbon around the top to conceal the rubber band. Then tie the ribbon in a tidy knot and trim the ends at an angle. Scentsational!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Make Something Pretty For Mother's Day

A teacup missing its saucer is practically a flea market freebie! With just a little candle wax, a wick, and some gardenia fragrance oil, it has the potential to be a pretty scented candle for the boudoir. And what a delightful idea for a Mother's Day gift!

You Will Need:Vintage Teacup (3” diameter at top) Yaley Medium Flat Braid Candle WickingMicrowaveable Soy Wax
Lavender Fragrance oil (5 drops)
What To Do:Step 1. Cut a 6-inch piece of candle wicking. Feed through wick clip until end sits just inside. Clamp the wick clip closed with pliers.
Step 2. Rest a pencil across top of teacup. Dangle the wick into the teacup and rest the wick clip in the bottom. Tie the end of the wick to the pencil to hold it in place.
Step 3. Measure 1 cup soy candle flakes into microwaveable container. Microwave on high 1 minute, then stir with a craft stick. Heat 1 more minute, till all clear and runny. Add 5 drops of lavender oil to the melted wax and stir.
Step 4. Pour the wax slowly into the teacup leaving ¾” at the top – make sure the wick is still centered. Let cool and trim the wick to one half inch. Let the wax cool. The old-timey style of this teacup candle looks sweet on a vanity. And smells so good!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Welcome Spring!

When the flowers start blooming and the birds start singing, you know spring fever is catching. Greet this season at the front door by swapping out that snowman doormat for a cheerful one covered in cherry blossoms. Then place a bouquet of tulips to the side, and open your door to spring. For more ideas to welcome spring, check out this photo gallery we did for Just click here.
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