Thursday, June 28, 2012

Folky Flag for the Fourth of July

Make a folky flag out of paint stirrers! (It was just featured in Woman's World Magaine!)

What You'll Need:
9 wooden paint stirrers
Plaid Folk Art paint in Cardinal Red, Wicker White, and True Blue
masking tape
wood glue
hand saw
Plaid Outdoor Sealer
assorted buttons 3/8" to 7/8"
(we used 57 red, 47 white, and 20 blue)
Beacon Glass, Metal & More glue
2 thumbtacks
16" copper wire

What To Do:
Step 1. Paint 2 paint stirrers Cardinal Red and 1 Wicker white and set aside. Mask off the indented end of 4 stirrers and paint True Blue. Let dry. Mask off the blue end, and the paint other end of 2 stirrers Wicker White and 2 Cardinal Red. Sand the edges and surfaces of the stirrers to get a distressed look.

Step 2. Cut the 2 remaining stirrers down to 7" with a hand saw and sand the sawed ends smooth. Arrange the painted stirrers into the flag then turn the flag over. Glue the 2 short stirrers vertically to the back of the flag 1" in from each side using the wood glue. Let dry several hours.

Step 3. Turn the flag over and glue buttons to the front using glue.

Step 4. To make the hanger, push a thumbtack into the top of each short stick on the back of the flag. Twist each end of the wire around a thumbtack and trim the ends.
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