Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Can The Clutter

New year, new resolution! For us it's time to can the clutter. Tin cans are tiny containers just waiting to be put to use. To recycle them into versatile storage, all you need is your imagination and a clean-edge can opener.

Chef’s Special
Turn pretty pie-filling cans into a piece of folk art that doubles as a cooking utensil holder. Bolt three eye-catching blueberry cans to a wooden cutting board with a frame hanger on the back. Display your clever work on the wall near the stove, and you’ll never search for your favorite spatula again. Bon app├ętit!

The Great Dividers
No matter how hard you try to keep drawers from collecting junk, they seem to be the vortex of miscellany. Get control over the odds and ends by cleaning a dozen tuna cans and nestling them into a drawer. Each little compartment can store thumbtacks, rubberbands, clips or twist ties. Junk drawer no more!

Clutter Cups
Corral the clutter in the kids’ room with magnetic tin cans. Hot glue heavy-duty magnets to ten soup cans and stick them to a steel cookie sheet. Hang it within kids’ reach using a plate hanger. Use the cups to hold crayons, chalk, markers and even Legos. Label the cans for easy clean up.

Closet Can Do
Organize your accessories with a scarf display made of sleek silver cans. Arrange seven soup cans to create a tight circle with one can in the center. Tightly wrap a long sash around the bundle of cans, secure it with a knot at the top, then hang your new organizer on the wall. Each cubby stores a colorful scarf and adds stylish organization to your closet.

Cannery Row
Keep the weeds out of the seeds by organizing your potting bench with bright vegetable cans. Choose a brand with gorgeous graphics of tomatoes, corn and green beans, or whatever you plan to plant. The clean-edge can opener creates nice fitting lids, too, so your seeds will stay high and dry.

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