Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's a Blog Eat Blog World

Greetings Crafters!

Welcome to our blog! After years of being asked for tips and tricks from fellow creative types, we thought we'd start a journal about our artsy-phartsy adventures for all to see. We'll tell you where to get amazing new craft materials, let you in on our latest flea market finds, and even share stories of our hilarious craftastrophes. Enjoy!

Happy crafting!

Kitty & Jennifer


equitus said...

Good luck, ladies!

jpyfer said...

Love the how-to video, it was really well done. Please tell me you have more lined up!
I have a flea market question for you - are there any good spots in the bay area to find classic kids toys?

Diane D, said...

Excellent! It'll be great to keep up with all of your crafty outings. Also, the video is fabulous. I can't wait to play with resin:-)

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