Monday, June 6, 2011

Wonderful Waterfall Birdbath

Birds are drawn to the sound of water, so attract them to your deck with a tabletop birdbath fountain. All you need is a fountain pump, two glazed planters, and some river stones (and water, of course!). The pump will push the water up into the top planter, and gravity will send it trickling over the edge and into the dish below. The soothing sounds will make you want to sit back and relax while you watch the birds take a dip.

You Will Need
Small, electric, underwater fountain pump (60 gallons per hour at one foot lift)
Clear vinyl tubing, 3 ½ inches long, ½ inch inside diameter (or size to fit pump)
Large, shallow ceramic glazed planter, 14-inch diameter (without drain hole)
Small, ceramic glazed planter, 6-inch diameter (with drain hole)
Polished river stones, approx. 8 pounds
Hollow bamboo stick, 2 ½ inches long and wide enough to fit over tubing
All-purpose waterproof sealant or silicone, clear

Step 1
Put the pump switch in the ON position (unplugged). Place the pump on the bottom of the large planter to one side. Fill the bottom of the planter with river stones to the height of the pump.

Step 2
Feed the clear vinyl tubing through the hole in the bottom of the small planter so that one inch comes out of the bottom.

Step 3
Seal the hole around the tubing with sealant and let dry.

Step 4
Take the end of the tubing from under the small planter and attach it to the pump. Rest the small planter on the pump and a level bed of river stones.

Step 5
Slide the bamboo stick over the tubing. Trim the top of the tubing to the height of the bamboo stick.

Step 6
Fill the small planter with river stones and place any leftover stones in the large planter. Be sure to hide the cord with stones. Finish your fountain by filling it with water and plugging it in. The trickling sounds will let the finches know it's bath time!

Flotation Device: Turn your fountain into a water garden by adding a floating water plant like a hyacinth.

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