Friday, August 12, 2011

Tin Can Critter Drink Markers

Sip someone else's margarita? No way, Jose! Your margarita glasses need drink markers, but for this Fiesta del Crafto they need a little cha cha cha. Your margaritas need Tin Can Critter Drink Markers! Have your guests make their own, then hang them off the margarita glasses (don't worry, they won't drink much!). Your amigos will go loco for these tin can creatures!

12 oz can of Mexican beer
3 10" strands of 18 gauge silver wire
8" strand of 18 gauge silver wire
2 googly eyes

needlenose pliers
dry erase marker
hot glue gun & glue sticks

1. Open a beer can and empty out contents (down the hatch!).
2. Rinse can and shake out excess water.
3. Using scissors, carefully cut the top and bottom off, and slit the cylinder down the middle. Flatten the rectangle of tin, then trim off any jagged edges so you don't cut yourself (no craftastrophes allowed!).
4. Using The Tin Can Critter Template and a dry erase marker, draw the outline of the bug top and bottom onto the blank side of your tin.

5. Cut out the bug shapes and place them back-to-back, aligning the narrow bug torso. Make sure the printed sides of the tin are facing out. Pinch the top piece of the torso so it fits around the bottom piece.

6. Using one 10" piece of wire and the pliers, bend one back leg and wrap the wire around the narrow torso of the bug tightly three times. Then bend the leftover wire into the other leg.

7. Repeat to make another set of legs. For the front legs, make sure they curve down like a praying mantis (that's how he'll hang off the glass!).

8. With the last piece of wire, bend his antennae into shape.

9. Hot glue googly eyes onto his head and you've got a Tin Can Critter that's muy loco!

Alternacraft: Don't feel limited to making a praying mantis. Why not try a classic cucaracha or a giant mosquito? Then hang a bunch together with fishing line for a mobile that's a swarm of fun!

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