Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tea Tree Salt Scrub

Tea Tree Salt Scrub
Rub a palmful of salt scrub over dry skin in the shower to exfoliate and moisturize!

More spa fun! We have been trying out all kinds of recipes for homemade spa goodies to give as gifts this Christmas. We've already figured out our favorite body butter (Rich Cocoa Body Butter!). And now we have a wonderful salt scrub. We love how the brisk scent of tea tree makes this salt scrub refreshing and invigorating.

Salt Scrub Ingredients
1½ cups table salt
10 tablespoons vitamin E oil
Tea tree essential oil

Materials & Embellishments
15-ounce lidded, wide-mouthed jar
2 flatback Swarovski rhinestones, Crystal, 5mm
12 flatback Swarovski rhinestones, Crystal, 3mm
Beacon Adhesives Gem-Tac
1 sheet glossy cardstock

Mixing bowl
Double-stick tape

1. Mix salt and vitamin E oil together in a bowl and stir with a chopstick.

2. Stir in 32 drops of tea tree essential oil and stir until blended.

3. Dispense the salt scrub into the jar, pressing the mixture down with a chopstick.
4. Print the label on glossy cardstock and cut it out. Embellish the label with the rhinestones using a toothpick to apply the Gem-Tac. Use double-stick tape to attach the label to the front of the jar.

Click on the image above to view the label actual size.
Then right-click to save the label to your computer.
It will print 2.25" x 5" at 300dpi.

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