Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chic Tole Candelabra

You don't have to call the electrician if a chandelier has bad wiring. We found a pretty floral pendant that had seen better days--the wiring was frayed and the glass globe was missing. But it was such a deal at $25 that we couldn't resist. And when we saw we could flip it over and stand it on a table, we decided to turn that broken castoff into a kooky candelier!

Step 1
Once you've found a chandelier with a level base, remove the bulbs.

Step 2
Unscrew the hanger and remove any light bulb sockets. Loosen and remove all the electrical wires, using snips to cut them out if necessary.

Step 3
Clean the entire chandelier with Formula 409.

Step 4
Take your chandelier with you to shop for the right size pillar candle for the center. (If your chandelier has multiple arms with smaller sockets, look for tapers instead.)

Step 5
Set your chandelier on the center of your dining table, fit it with your candle(s), and let there be light!

Before: A Pendant Lamp Missing Its Globe

Color Me Beautiful
If your bargain light fixture has a horrible paint job, simply spray-paint the whole thing! The shape of the flowers and leaves will really pop when they're all one color. Try a stylish hue, like Krylon's Blue Ocean Breeze or Totally Tangerine.

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