Saturday, July 9, 2011

Enchanting Chai Sachet

Blend black tea leaves with spicy essential oils for a sweet sachet steeped in love.

Fabrics & Embellishments
Turquoise silk sari fabric, 6"x6" square, 2 pieces.
Thread to match sari fabric.
Black rose iron-on applique, 3½"x 3½".
Orange satin ribbon, 7/8" wide, 24" length.
Gold ribbon, ½" wide, 24" length.
Inkadinkado Clear Stamps, Bold Damasks, scroll rubber stamp.
Acrylic stamp block.
Black pigment ink stamp pad.
Self-adhesive metal nailheads, 3mm, turquoise.

Scented Herbs & Essences
Loose black tea leaves, ½ cup.
Whole cloves, ¼ cup.
Dried orange peel, ¼ cup.
Whole flax seeds, 1 cup.
Cinnamon essential oil.
Vanilla essential oil.

Tools & Supplies
Pressing cloth.
Sewing machine.
Straight pins.
Sewing needle.
Measuring cup.
Mixing bowl.
Kitchen funnel.

1. To attach the applique, place one piece of sari fabric face up, then center the applique on top. Cover with the pressing cloth and iron using the "cotton" setting. (Test a corner first to make sure the iron is not too hot.)

2. Pin the two pieces of fabric together with the good sides facing in. Using the sewing machine and a straight stitch, sew the pillow all the way around with a ¼" seam allowance. Leave a 2" opening on one side. Turn the pillow right side out.

3. To make the scented filling, stir the tea leaves, cloves, orange peel, and flax seeds together in a mixing bowl. Scent the mixture with ten drops of each essential oil and stir well. Let the mixture air dry for one hour to prevent the oil from staining the silk. Use the funnel to pour the scented filling into the opening of the pillow.

4. Hand stitch the pillow closed using a hidden ladder stitch.

5. To embellish the ribbon, stamp the scroll design repeatedly onto the orange ribbon using the black pigment ink pad. Let dry. Embellish the design with the metal nail head stickers.

6. Gather the orange and gold ribbons together, wrap around the pillow, then tie in a knot. Trim the ends at an angle leaving 3" tails.

Instant Tea: If mixing herbs and essences is not your cup of tea, use aromatic chai tea instead. Blend 1 cup of chai tea and 1 cup of flax seeds as the filling.

Orange You Clever: Before you get out a bag of oranges and start drying the peels, look for dried orange peel in the spice section of your grocery store! Ours came in a spice jar labeled "Orange Peel." Who knew?

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