Friday, July 22, 2011

Fashionista Flip-Flops

Wanna hit the beach in high style? Then gather the girls together for a night of sparkling Swarovskis and trendy flip-flops!

Flip-flops, turquoise.
Swarovski Flat Back rhinestones, Hyacinth Orange, 2.6mm, 86.
Swarovski Flat Back rhinestones, Light Topaz, 2.6mm, 96.
Beacon Adhesives Flip-Flop glue.
Sticky putty or clay, pea-sized ball.

1. Stick a pea-sized ball of putty on the end of the toothpick to create a tool for picking up the rhinestones.

2. Using the pick-up tool, tap the glitzy side of a Hyacinth Orange rhinestone and pick it up. Place a drop of flip-flop glue on the back of the rhinestone, then center the rhinestone on the point of the flip-flop thong. Surround the orange rhinestone with 6 Light Topaz rhinestones to create a flower.

3. Repeat the process to create a flower on each side of the first one, but use the Light Topaz for the center and the Hyacinth Orange for the petals.

4. Continue on, alternating the colors of the flowers, until you have 6 flowers on each strap.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 to embellish the second flip-flop.

Beachy Brights: Flip-flops come in dozens of colors, so try these crystal combos for a little bit of fun.

  • Orange flip-flops: blue & lime rhinestones
  • Yellow flip-flops: fuchsia & orange rhinestones
  • Fuchsia flip-flops: lime & yellow rhinestones
  • Red flip-flops: blue & yellow rhinestones
  • Lime flip-flops: fuchsia & red rhinestones

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