Wednesday, July 13, 2011

La-di-da Looking Glass

Who's the fairest of them all? This haute hat rack made from flea market finds!

From the Flea Market
11" x 16" Oval mirrored vanity tray
13½" x 18" Tin serving tray
17¼" x 26½" Wood cabinet door
8 Hat hooks, various sizes
2 Wooden drawer knobs
12 Gold shank buttons

12 oz. Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Primer spray paint, 1315 White 
12 oz. Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Gloss spray paint, 1512 Blue Ocean Breeze 
8 oz. Krylon Premium Metallic spray paint, 1000 18kt. Gold Plate
2 Wooden craft circles, 2½" diameter
White organza ribbon, 1½" wide, 2 yards
Gold leaf adhesive size
Gold leafing sheets
2 Heavy-duty D-ring picture hangers
Screws to mount flea market hat hooks and knobs
2 Machine screws, size #10, 1" long with nuts
Drill and drill bits to match hat hook screws and machine screws
1 16-penny nail
Liquid Nails adhesive
Spray Cleaner

Phillips-head screwdriver
Heavy-duty wire cutters

Before you begin, clean everything with spray cleaner. Remove any hardware (hinges and pulls) from the cabinet door and any hardware or feet from the underside of the vanity tray. Set the vanity tray aside for later. 

1. Apply a coat of Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Primer to the cabinet door, serving tray, hooks, knobs, and craft circles. Let dry. Spray paint the door with Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Gloss in Blue Ocean Breeze. Then spray paint the serving tray, hooks, knobs, and wooden craft circles with the Krylon Premium Metallic spray paint in 18kt. Gold. Let dry.

2. Gold leaf the outside edge of the door by painting the edge with the adhesive size. Let dry for 60 minutes. Lay sheets of gold leaf onto the tacky surface. Brush away any excess with a dry paintbrush.

3. Turn the door sideways and draw a vertical line through the center with chalk. Make two chalk marks 5" from the top and 5" up from the bottom. Using a drill bit that is the same diameter as the machine screws, drill a hole at each mark. Center the serving tray on the door, then shift it up enough vertically to reveal the lower cabinet trim. While holding the tray in place, flip the door and tray over. Create guide marks on the tray by tapping the 16-penny nail through both holes in the door. Remove the door. Punch a hole at each mark in the tray with the hammer and nail. Attach the serving tray to the door with the machine screws and secure with nuts.

4. Pre-drill, and then screw your two largest hooks into the bottom corners of the door. Arrange the rest of the hooks equally spaced along the bottom edge. Pre-drill, then attach the hooks.

5. Drill a hole in the center of the craft circles using a drill bit the same diameter as the knob screws. Pre-drill, then attach the knobs on either side of the mirror by feeding the screws through the back of the door, through the craft circles, and into the knobs.

6. Snip the backs off the shank buttons using the wire cutters. Lay the hat rack flat and glue the buttons evenly spaced around the outside door trim with the Liquid Nails. Attach the mirrored vanity tray to the serving tray using a generous amount of Liquid Nails. Let cure for 24 hours.

7. Attach the picture hangers to the back. Cut the ribbon in half and tie a piece to each hanger. Tie the other ends of the ribbon together in a knot, finish with a bow, and hang your new hat rack in your entryway. Ooh la la!

Get Hooked: If you can't find enough hat hooks at the flea market, buy some chandelier swag hooks at the hardware store. They are often ornate, and they come with their own hardware!

Snip Tip: Don't worry if the hat hook screws come through the back of the cabinet door. You can cut off the ends using a hacksaw.

Before: This haute hat rack started life as a cast-off
tin serving tray, a cabinet door, and a vanity mirror. 

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